Judges Fyve have been employed as a keyboardist/vocalist with top Bay Area  Artist such as: 
Michael Cooper/Confunkshun, 
Oaktown's 357, and musical director for M.C. Hammer, employing an all female band.  Judges has also worked with local upcoming artist such as Greg Ballad, 
D. Shot, and Rosie Gains.

Being a P.K. Kid and playing in church since the age of four and employed by R&B garage bands since the age of twelve; It wasn't until I saw the influence of Hip-Hop music and the effect it had on the youth, made me realize that music is so powerful. 

Music should be utilized as a tool to strengthen, empower and bring hope to a generation who has lost its way...
Lets take it back! 

The depth of Judges Fyve music touched a nerve of positive influences among her children and the youth in her melting pot neighborhood of Concord, CA. 

"Writing music for my children became a way for me to plant positive seeds of integrity and morals and give instructions on life and how to deal with it.

I'm now reaching out to the community to support Total PKG Productions in creating positive music, and music videos for our children. 

Please help support a much needed genre of music...For what a man think he is, so is he.

 It's time to change our way of thinking and take back our communities... 
"Lets Strive to the Wheels Fall Off".

Email Judges_5 @ trejon5@yahoo.com

Songwriter, Producer, Musician & Vocalist, for Total PKG Production, a San Francisco Bay Area based music production company specializing in inspirational and educational Hip-Hop, R&B and Gospel music, and music videos.

Total PKG Productions also produces Sport Music Collectibles in which "Oh Those 9ers" received national airplay, and was chose as the theme song by the Late Legendary D.J., Rick Chase of KMEL 106.1 F.M. You can hear both, Oh Those 9ers, and Back to Oaktown @ www.sportjingles.com

All Vocals & Music Production Created, Produced & Performed by Judges_5






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CD Single Titles:
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Take it Back

Open Up

What's On The Inside

Living 4 Today

Sport Music Collectibles Titles:
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Back To Oaktown

Oh Those 9ERS 


Judges_5, blends many flavors and creates timeless music that never ends.

This style of music reflects the new millennium spirit of dignity, determination, and yes dance-ability. Judges_5 is the thinking woman's music star.

She views her music as literature in the most traditional sense: as a completely engaging way of communicating ideas.  Judges_5 music is clever, astute, challenging and completely entertaining.

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