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Carver Academy 8th Graders

In the Youngsters Exclusive Entertainment Program (YEEP) student producers at Carver Academy film the "King Of The West" 1st. Annual Football Game from the Sky Box.  Hosted by (6) time Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl Champion Tim McDonald. Starring Snoop Doggie Dogg & The Snoop Dogg All Stars vs. The King Of The West All Stars. (Which consisted of Many Edison Tiger Future Stars.)

Lock & Key Parties The Latest Dating Craze.

Join Judges_5 on Oct. 13th. 2004 in Oakland's Jack London Square.

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8th Grade Youth Producer Maria Tapia of Carver Academy works the camera from the Sky Box.

 Youth Producer Debra Brown of Carver Academy works camera #2.

Simone's Jazz & Soul Cabaret at 380 Embarcadero West Jack London Square Oakland, California

To RSVP please send emails to: pkg3@yahoo.com 

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Lock and key parties are great icebreakers and give you an easy way into a conversation with other people at the party. Lock and key parties give you a great way to meet and date lots of professional singles in one night.

What happens at a Lock and key party? When you arrive the women will be given a lock and the men will given a key. Then you can start circulating looking for the person who matches your lock, or key. If you find a match you will be issued with a raffle ticket for the special draw at the end of the evening. There will also be spot prizes during the evening such as a bottle of champagne or a round of drinks.

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Snoop Dogg walking the sidelines.

Battle of the Big Men

Snoop Dogg All Stars vs. Tigers & Company

Coach & Mentor C.J. talk with Tigers between plays.

Playing Wide Receiver #5 Snoop Dogg lines up in the Red-Zone.


Snoop Dogg scores 6 points in the Red Zone.








Artist: Judges_5

“Music became a way for me to write and express myself; it gave me a language to speak to my peers,” She says. “The possibilities for what we can do in our communities, for people’s self-esteem or their economic situation is what is so exciting. It’s beautiful that I can use music as a tool to communicate and possibly make a difference.” “I am not here to be a stereotypical female Artist,” she says. “I’m actually here with what I believe is something important to say.”

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